Seattle Housing Market Stats | October 2019

The holidays are fast approaching; temperatures are getting cooler, and so is the Seattle housing market. Overall the 2019 Seattle housing market has been a mixed bag of hot and cold trends. Most of the growth over the year has been in the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Pierce, Kitsap and Snohomish counties. In the higher priced King county markets, growth has been and will likely continue to be on the slower side giving some much needed breathing room for buyers.

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Housing Market in Seattle: What is the 2020 Forecast?

Current Outlook

On a national level, a lot of economists,  investors, property developers, researchers and lenders are starting to smell a recession. Zillow research forecasts a housing recession in 2020. Factors like monetary policy, home prices exceeding pre-2008-crisis levels, trade wars with China and stock corrections are creating anxiety in the markets. Currently, we’re still riding the longest bull market in our country’s history. Eventually, what goes up.. You know the rest. What does the housing market Forecast look like in Seattle for 2020? Read on..

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Seattle Housing Market Stats | August 2019

With Snohomish County already covered in our first blog post, it’s time to cover the Seattle housing market for August 2019 in King County.  We hope you find this information useful. The Seattle housing market still remains one of the strongest in the states but there is finally some breathing room for buyers to find the house they’re looking for without facing multiple offers or needing to waive their inspection in some cases.  All of this data is reliably sourced from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

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