Buying a Home? Avoid these 5 Mistakes

The home buying process can be convoluted. It’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. I hope in reading this post, it will help you dodge some of the mistakes people make when buying a home.

Buying a Home? Avoid these 5 Mistakes - pig


The Mortgage will not be the only cost when it comes to buying a home. Smaller costs like utilities, property insurance, taxes and other fees may also need to be taken into account. You’ll likely end up buying furniture to go with your new home as well. Before moving on consider looking further into your savings to figure out if you can pay for all of these additional charges.

Get approved for a loan before you search

Knowing your budget and being qualified for a loan will make the process of searching for a home much easier and more efficient. As soon as you decide that it’s time to buy a home, get pre-approved for a loan from a lender. The letter is usually good for 90 days, always ask your lender if you have any financial questions.

Find an Agent

A reliable real estate broker will ease the process of your search and help you get thru the home buying process. A broker also walks you through all the procedures of writing offers, addendums and contingencies; they’ll also work with you during the negotiation process to make sure you don’t overpay for a property. Get your real estate agent in place before starting the search.

Keeping open minded

It’s very rare to find your perfect home especially the first time. When you walk into a home, remember to imagine what the home will look like after you’ve moved in with all of your own belongings. This will be an important skill, especially if you’re looking to buy a fixer-upper as your first home.

Think of the future

Do you plan on living in this house for a long time then you may want to think ahead. Are you thinking of expanding your family in a few years? If so you’ll have to worry about another set of questions. Will there be enough bedrooms? How is the neighborhood? Is the house located in a good school district? These may be things to think about when buying your home if your planning to settle in for the long haul.

So whether you’re just starting to think about buying a home, or you’ve already spent some time looking, there may be a lot to learn from this list of mistakes people make when searching. Good luck!

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