Housing Market in Seattle: What is the 2020 Forecast?

Current Outlook

On a national level, a lot of economists,  investors, property developers, researchers and lenders are starting to smell a recession. Zillow research forecasts a housing recession in 2020. Factors like monetary policy, home prices exceeding 2018-pre-crisis levels, trade wars with China and stock corrections are creating anxiety in the markets. Currently, we’re still riding the longest bull market in our country’s history. Eventually, what goes up.. You know the rest. What does the housing market Forecast look like in Seattle for 2020? Read on..

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Best Places to Live in Washington State | What are the Top 10 Cities?

Considering a move to the Evergreen State? Not to be confused with the District of Columbia, Washington State is one of the fastest growing states in America; ranked in at number 7 as of this writing. The state is up to 7.4 million residents and counting. Where are the best places to live in Washington State? Read on…

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