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As a real estate broker, dad, husband and fisherman, I couldn’t get through my day without coffee. While working from a coffee shop, I dig the music and bustling activities; it makes me feel connected with my local residents.

I’m always searching for fresh spots to grab a cup of java.

Having been in the greater Seattle area since 1997 I can honestly say it’s home and I wouldn’t care to permanently reside anywhere else! There’s no place like the northwest; it’s green, lush, mountainous, picturesque AND gray for a good portion of the year.. It’s true, Seattlites probably don’t get enough vitamin D, but you know what? We make up for it by consuming copious amounts of coffee!

If you’re like me, you probably run on coffee. Here’s my shop list for the best coffee in Seattle.

#1 Slate Coffee Bar

Slate Coffee bar
  • https://slatecoffee.com
  • Ballard: 5417 6th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
  • Pioneer Square: 604 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
  • UDistrict: 1307 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA 98105
  • Callus: 323 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

With bars in Ballard, Pioneer Square, the U-District and Callus, Slate Coffee Roasters is reachable from most parts of Seattle. Their locations are mostly small-scale with high quality coffee and espresso options. The staff are always generous and highly skilled at making the cup of your choice. Roasts served are very flavorful and aromatic; not overly burnt or bland. They also have some decent pastry options available. Cups and glasses are noticeably unique. Tea flights are available for you non-coffee drinkers out there (no judgement here 🤣 ).

#2 Moore Coffee Shop

  • http://www.moorecoffeeshop.com
  • Seattle (original): 1930 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA
  • Seattle: 112 Stewart St. Seattle, WA
  • Burien: 12005 Des Moines Memorial Dr S, Burien, WA

With their main location a short walk from Pike Place Market, Moore Coffee Shop offers some of the best coffee in Seattle. They offer many non-typical options like mango and kawaii-lattes! The drinks are as delicious as they are artistic. Out of all the shops in the list, Moore has the most wow-factor. If you’re arriving in the afternoon and would prefer tea, they are one of the few places that knows how to make a good cup of matcha. The location is a little cramped and usually busy, but it is worth a visit nonetheless. Prices are reasonable – even being in a tourist-heavy area. Check out one of their 3 locations.

#3 Third Culture Coffee

third culture coffee

Third Culture Coffee shop in Bellevue WA immediately presents you with a welcoming, open vibe. The exposed atmosphere makes it an inviting place to get some work done or socialize with friends or coworkers. Bringing you a more unique selection than your cookie-cutter coffee shop, you can also purchase a variety of teas and even alcohol! The pastry selection is definitely not lacking and they carry avocado toast for those who are looking for a healthier start to their day. For those dynamic types who like to synergize multiple cultures in your coffee, you’ll feel right at home as they are constantly scouting for new blends and roasts from around the globe. 

#4 Five Stones Coffee Co.

five stones coffee co.

They may be located on the eastside of Seattle, but Five Stones in Redmond and Bellevue WA still make the A-List for some of the best coffee in Seattle. They use locally sourced ingredients and roast right here in the northwest at Victoria Coffee Roasters.  Because of their philanthropic roots, they’re one of my favorite shops. They partner with multiple organizations to prevent human suffering including Rescue: Freedom International, and A21

Even though this post is coffee-centric, I can’t move on without mentioning the cinnamon rolls. They’re awesome. Nuff-said. 

My favorite beverage from this spot is the Cappuccino Freddo but you can’t really go wrong here. 

#5 urban COFFEE lounge

urban COFFEE lounge

Serving Stumptown coffee, urban COFFEE lounge offers creations like the Cardamom Vanilla Latte or the beloved Truffle Mocha. With a unique array of flavorings, your palette will never get bored of this east-side location. The baristas are always welcoming and highly skilled in the art of coffee making. Both locations have very open concepts with comfortable seating for guests. 

Thanks for reading this post on the best coffee in Seattle! I hope this post aids you in your quest for the perfect cup-o-joe. Where are your go-to spots? Let me know in the comments.

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